Into the Wilderness

by Rumble Young Man Rumble

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The Red Door (free) 07:30
Through Fog and Forest (free) 08:24
The Edge of Silence (free) 04:38
Black Swan (free) 05:51
Black Stars (free) 04:10
Into the Wilderness (free) 07:32
Lullabies of Avalon (free) 02:45


On the heels of their 2019 sophomore offering Absolute, Denver-based post-rock outfit Rumble Young Man Rumble returns in 2020 with the next chapter: Into the Wilderness. Where Absolute’s sweeping triumvirate of EPs told the prophetic tale of a virus plaguing humanity, Into the Wilderness details humanity’s rebirth in more compact form. Comprised of seven interconnected instrumental pieces, the album’s 42 minutes are, by equal measure, focused and expansive, eerily quiet and thundering loud, both lushly organic and distressingly synthetic.

Although RYMR have augmented their sound with synths throughout the band’s history, a new sound fully coalesces on Into the Wilderness. All four members take their turn behind the synthesizers, arpeggiators, and sequencers to aid in conjuring the album’s surreal soundscape. Through Fog and Forest’s haunting conclusion boasts layers of Gregorian chants, while The Red Door’s hypnotic first half fuses crushing guitars over top of a trance-inducing arpeggiator. Black Stars follows the idea to its logical conclusion, where the band eschews acoustic drums in favor of a thumping electronic drum sequence that underpins a swirling array of synths and reverbed-out electric guitars that dance between the listener’s ears. Rumble Young Man Rumble, no stranger to straight-ahead post-rock, still delivers the goods on Into the Wilderness: Black Swan and Lullabies of Avalon provide ample fodder for would-be headbangers, and the title track’s wall of foreboding synths and explosive tom-toms soon gives way to the melodic guitar interplay that exemplifies the band’s style.

Above all else, the album’s brooding and cerebral title track reminds listeners that to venture into the wilderness, one must first be willing to embrace the unknown and embark on the journey. Rumble Young Man Rumble encourages listeners to step through the red door.


released October 1, 2020

Recorded at Quatro Haus Studio & Fox Lane Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Fox Lane Studio
Art by Bob Niles




Rumble Young Man Rumble Denver, Colorado

Rumble Young Man Rumble (RYMR) is an instrumental Post-Rock band based in Denver, Colorado. They formed in late 2015 and finally found all members of their current lineup by spring 2016. They blend a unique style of quiet and chaos. If you get a chance, check out their live show. It's full of energy and fun. ... more

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